Issue 2 Run Down!

Instead of your usual dose of PULP APPEAL, this week we’d thought we’d do something a little different and preview what you’ll find in Issue 2 of Broadswords and Blasters.Cover2

First up is KAUAHOA VS THE MU by Patrick Baker, an action packed Polynesian tale where the outcast warrior Kauahoa battles fiendish sea creatures. Will Kauahoa prevail over the sea devils, or will they prove too much for him and his magic club?

Calvin Demmer takes us to a different kind of tale in A WESTERN PROMISE where Charles “Quick Draw” Payne has made a name for himself as a reluctant sheriff in a frontier town. Not everything is as it seems and even Calvin’s skill with a gun might not be enough to prevail against his latest challenger.

Steve Cook’s FEATHERED DEATH provides the cover image for this issue, and it’s a story we were eager to grab and share with you. What happens when two veterans decide to have one last confrontation? Will the blood spilled between them come rising back to the fore? Guaranteed someone’s going to go home bloodied.

THE SOUL PLANTATION by Sara Codair might be one of the darkest pieces of science-fiction we’ve read in a long time, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t get to the heart of what’s human. More importantly, do you always think about what goes on with how your food is grown and cared for? And don’t aliens have a right to eat as well?

This issue will also see the conclusion to Matt Spencer’s ISLAND OF SKULLS, a high-octane finish to a rip roaring tale in the best of the pulp tradition. Tia and Ketz, troublesome brother sister pair that they are, might have bit off way more than they can chew investigating the island, but it’s too late to turn back now and the only way is forward… and you know it’s going to end on blood.

Michael T. Best brings us a tale of what happens when an artificial assistant starts getting too personal. KANE AND GRABLE is a near future tale that could happen tomorrow… and maybe a cautionary tale of basing an AI off your ex. But Kane’s assistant could be all that’s standing between him and a bullet, so maybe it’s a worthwhile tradeoff.

Grey Harlowe’s tale THE OATH BREAKER gets to the heart of a fundamental question: How much are you willing to sacrifice of yourself in pursuit of your deepest ambition? What line wouldn’t you cross? When a master mason is asked to move against the people she was raised by, where will she find herself standing at the end of the day… especially when her order threatens mutilation and worse.

C.R. Langille’s THE DEEP WELL finds a pair of conquistadors in the heart of South America in thrall to God, Glory, and Gold. But there are worse things than the natives lurking in the dark jungles, and some secrets are better off left unearthed.

Finally, DJ Tryer brings us the tale of Nyssa, a mercenary and an assassin, who infiltrates an armed camp in pursuit of her quarry. She hears tale of a mystic gem, but can a woman in a stolen dress and a couple of buckets on a staff snatch it out from under the watchful eyes of an army? Find out in THE EYE OF THE SUN!

Watch this space for more PULP APPEAL in the future, as well as the release date for Issue 2!

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