Issue 4 Is Officially Released

Issue 4 came out in print last week, but the Kindle release goes live today, which means we’re officially live. We love these stories (as we loved all the stories in the first three issues), but this issue is momentous in that it marks the completion of one year of delivering a quality quarterly magazine that we are proud to produce. But if you need some more enticing, maybe the synopses below will wet your whistle.

“Commander Saturn and the Deadly Invaders from Rigel” by Richard Rubin. This yarn is a fun, retro look at space opera, in the vein of Buck Rogers. It comes with a wink and a nod to the genre and has a lot of fun while doing it. Two-fisted space action.

“Demons Within” by Karen Thrower. Bounty-hunting is a tried and true pulp storyline. In this tale, a demon is charged by Hell to track down renegade demons, but things get complicated when both the fugitive and the bounty-hunter jump bodies.

“Monsters in Heaven” by Steve DuBois. The afterlife is ripe for exploration, and this tale is no slouch. A famous traitor and a baseball great team up in the after life to battle the most feared barbarian of them all and the infamous mystic who serves him. Join Benedict Arnold and Josh Gibson as they match wits against Genghis Khan and Rasputin.

“A Brush With Death” by Benjamin Cooper. Detective Sloan just wants to go to the bar and catch the Yankees game. Unfortunately for him, his job involves solving murders. and he’s the guy you go to when no one else can figure it out.

“Granny May Saves the Day” by Freddie Silva. Everyone else calls Granny May MOB, short for Mean Old Biddy, but never to her face. But sometimes that’s just what you need when you’ve got an alien invasion on your hands.

“Regarding the Journal of Jessix Rutherford and Its Connection to the Beacon’s Tower Island Massacre of 1446 AR” by CB Droege. This epistolary tale formed from annotated journal entries shows just how far a man can be driven by the deaths of family and the promises of forbidden sorcery.

“The Lady and the Gunsmith” by Chad Eagleton. There’s a new firearm being developed by a Venetian gunsmith and more than one European noble is interested in obtaining it. The gunsmith is going to discover not all is as it seems when he tangles with one of Louis’ personal spies.

“The Sewers of Paris” by DJ Tyrer. Besieged by Prussian landcruisers, citizens have started going missing in the sewers and it’s not for the usual reasons. Can Camille Castaigne, investigator of the unknown, find the cause or will she too disappear into the sewers?

The cover, as with previous issues, is done by the fantastic Luke Spooner of Carrion House. You can find more of his work here:

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