Issue 6 is Now Available!

Issue 6 is out now!

Broadswords and Blasters Issue 6: Pulp Magazine with Modern Sensibilities (Volume 2) by [Gomez, Matthew X., Walton, Robert, Rose, Rie Sheridan, Furman, Adam S., Hansson, Marcus, Cole, Catherine J., Graves, J.D., Mason, Jared]

Okay, so if all you do is follow the blog, you might think once a week articles on pulp (and pulp adjacent) properties might be all we do. Not the case though! We also put out a quarterly magazine, featuring at least seven stories of action and adventure and running the gamut of genres.

Issue 6 (currently available on Amazon in both digital and dead tree format), dropped this past Friday and features some of the best writing you can find anywhere.

“The Ogre’s Secret” by Robert Walton gets us kicked off in the right way with a nail biting mountain-climbing excursion. Definitely a different sort of Viking tale, but one that will have you holding your breath… and maybe laughing a bit as well.

“Marshal Marshall Meets the Mechanical Marauder” is an Old West Steampunk tale of a robber in search of one last score and a lawman looking to make a name for himself. But there’s also the local madam looking to make money as well. Rie Sheridan Rose does an excellent job of injecting action and a touch of romance into this story. (You can also follow her on twitter).

“Collateral Damage” by Adam S. Furman caught both editors unexpectedly right where our hearts are supposed to be. A tale of a dad looking for his son… all while kaiju and mecha battle out in the background. If you ever watched Godzilla and wondered what the poor civilians underfoot might be going through this is the story for you. You can follow Adam on Facebook and Twitter.

Marcus Hansson greets us with a weird, quiet sort of post-apocalyptic tale in a “A Scent of Blood and Salt” where violence lurks waiting in the wasteland and sometimes a man can’t be trusted… or can he? You can find more of Marcus on Twitter.

Catherine J. Cole brings us space adventure, royalty, panspermia and giant tardigrades all in one package with “The Royal Stowaway.” The only question is: does answering a distress call make sense, or just put the entire crew of a salvage operation in danger? Interested in what else Catherine’s got to offer after this brief taste? Check out her Facebook and Twitter.

What can I say about “Her Coffin’s Colder than the Mink Glove” that won’t spoil it? It’s a spy caper that puts the reader in the shoes of the protagonist. It’s meta as hell. It is also an entertaining read that both editors immediately latched on to. J.D. Graves (editor of the pulp rag EconoClash Review) can be found on Twitter.

Jared Mason (who, for shame, didn’t provide us any social media links) penned “Pigsty,” a story reminiscent of Michael Moorcock wherein a dream weaver is kidnapped and forced to try and remove some painful memories. But he has a sister, his protector, and she’s on his trail. And some memories don’t deserve to be erased.

Last, and certainly not least, we have “Tomorrow’s Eyes” by David VonAllmen. A man taking an experimental drug realizes he can see into the future. But how can you tell what’s happening now and what’s yet to happen? And what does it mean when you can’t see past a certain point in time? This is a dark near future piece that might have the reader second guessing their own senses. David can be found on Facebook and Twitter as well.


We do hope you’ll check the magazine out, and as a bonus, Issue 5 is on sale for kindle this week as well. So what are you waiting for? Grab some pulp today! Broadswords and Blasters Issue 5: Pulp Magazine with Modern Sensibilities (Volume 2 Book 1) by [Gomez, Matthew, Chan, L, McBain, Alison, Emmel, Aaron, Rohr, J., Shultz, David, Williams, Dianne, Howard, Tom]

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    Issue 6 was just published and it has some great stories! Check out this summary and then go buy it. Support your indie publishers!


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    On the stands now!


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