Awards Eligiblity Post 2018

Because all the cool kids are doing it, here’s the list of work Broadswords and Blasters published in 2018. This doesn’t include the blog posts, twitter rants, or other nonsense we may have engaged in. We would love to hear what your favorite story was from last year, and you can use this if you are thinking about nominating any of the stories below. Stories are listed by issue and by the order they appeared in the table-of-contents. All stories fall into the short story category.

2018 saw Broadswords and Blasters publish 4 issues:

Issue 4 (January 6, 2018)

  1. “Commander Saturn and the Deadly Invaders from Rigel by Richard L. Rubin
  2. “Demons Within” by Karen Thrower
  3. “Monsters in Heaven” by Steve Dubois
  4. “A Brush With Death” by Benjamin Cooper
  5. “Granny May Saves the Day” by Freddie Silva, Jr.
  6. “Regarding the Journal of Jessix Rutherford and Its Connection to the Beacon’s Tower Massacre of 1446 AR” by CB Droege
  7. “The Lady and The Gunsmith” by Chad Eagleton
  8. “The Sewers of Paris” by DJ Tyrer
  9. Cover Art by Luke Spooner (Carrion House)

Issue 5 (Published April 2, 2018)

  1. “After War” by Alison McBain
  2. “Irini” by Aaron Emmel
  3. “Let It All Bleed Out” by J. Rohr
  4. “Jerold’s Stand” by David F. Schulz
  5. “Giving Up The Ghost” by Dianne M. Williams
  6. “Last Train to Oblivion” by Tom Howard
  7. “Petals, Falling Like Memories” by L Chan
  8. Cover Art by Luke Spooner (Carrion House)

Issue 6 (Published July 13, 2018)

  1. “The Ogre’s Secret” by Robert Walton
  2. “Marshal Marshall Meets the Mechanical Marauder” by Rie Sheridan Rose
  3. “Collateral Damage” by Adam S. Furman
  4. “A Scent of Blood and Salt” by Marcus Hansson
  5. “Royal Stowaway” by Catherine J. Cole
  6. “Her Coffin’s Colder than the Mink Glove” by J.D. Graves
  7. “Pigsty” by Jared Mason
  8. “Tomorrow’s Eyes” by David VonAllmen
  9. Cover by Luke Spooner (Carrion House)

Issue 7 (Published October 15, 2018)

  1. “Commander Saturn and the Pirates of Ganymede” by Richard L. Rubin
  2. “Jigsaw” by Tom Barlow
  3. “Choice Cuts” by Ben Serna-Grey
  4. “Land and Money and Old Bones” by Rob Francis
  5. “A Curious Case in the Deep” by Sara Codair
  6. “Between” by Z. S. Reynolds
  7. “The Best Laid Plans” by Joe Kilgore
  8. “The Whisker-Wood” by Brad Young
  9. “Harvest Moon” by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt
  10. Cover art by (you guessed it) Luke Spooner (Carrion House)

The editors of all issues were Cameron Mount and Matthew X. Gomez.

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