Issue 9 is here!

Issue 9 Release!

If you’ve been following us on twitter at all you know that this day was coming. No, not tax day in the US of A (though that too), but the long awaited release of issue 9. So what do we have in store for you this time?

R.A. Goli returns with a tale of how far a mother will go for her daughter in the tale “Griffon Eggs.” The first time she graced our pages was way back in issue 1, so we’re especially happy to have her back again.

Rex Weiner, veteran writer probably best known as the creator of Ford Fairlane, graces us with “Camera Obscura,” a noir tale of a shady real estate developer’s fall into obsession.

Ethan Sabatella hits us with a tale of ancient Nordic horror in “The Pole-House.”

Broadswords and Blasters Issue 9: Pulp Magazine With Modern Sensibilities (Volume 3 Book 1) by [Gomez, Matthew, Goli, R.A., Fox, Cara, Weiner, Rex, Carpini, Vince, Spencer, Matt, Blackwell, C.W., Sabatella, Ethan, Furman, Adam, Rutherford, Scotch]

Cara Fox spins a steampunk revenge tale with a twist in “The Corsair’s Daughter.” As an added bonus, she happens to have the cover story, designed by the ever awesome Luke Spooner of Carrion House .

Scotch Rutherford, the madman behind the crime/noir mag Switchblade[1], decides to drop by with “Termination Clause,” a blood-soaked bit of crime fiction.

Matt Spencer is no stranger to anyone who knows us, having had a two-part story, “Island of Skulls,” back when we were just starting out as well as contributing guest articles here on the blog. Well, Spencer is back in the mag, this time with another sword and sorcery tale distilled through hardcore punk rock circa 1981 in “Old Haunting Grounds.”

C.W. Blackwell might be new to these pages, but it takes a steady hand to write a Western as weird as “Quarter Past Ordinary.”

What happens when two master thieves fall in love, or at least lust? You probably end up with something like Vince Carpini’s “Courtship of the Queen of Thieves.”

Finally, we round out the issue with returning author, Adam S. Furman, and his tale of supersoldiers, revolutions, and unexpected explosions, “Olympian Six.” Adam first came to our attention in issue 6 with collateral damage, and he keeps getting better.

As always, we are humbled by the quality of work we get to work with and extend a sincere thanks to the writers for trusting us with their material. Thank you also to the readers and reviewers who help support us, and most especially to our long-suffering families who don’t always understand why we decided publishing a new pulp mag in the 21st century was a good idea.

Broadswords and Blasters Issue 6: Pulp Magazine with Modern Sensibilities (Volume 2) by [Gomez, Matthew X., Walton, Robert, Rose, Rie Sheridan, Furman, Adam S., Hansson, Marcus, Cole, Catherine J., Graves, J.D., Mason, Jared]

As a special thank you for getting us to twenty preorders for the kindle version, issue 6 is free on amazon for a limited period of time. It will be available from April 15th to April 19th.

As a final note (mainly because people keep asking), we’ll be reopening for submissions in October 2019. Please don’t send us anything before we are officially open, but you might want to peruse our guidelines in the meantime.

[1] Incidentally, Issue 9 of Switchblade also drops today. You really owe it to yourself to go check it out.

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