Issue 10 is Live!

Alive. Alive. ALIVE! Issue 10 is ALIVE!

(Well, Kindle anyway. Print version should be up later this week.)

One of the biggest problems with taking submissions for multiple issues all at once is simply forgetting how awesome the stories we accept truly are. While the long term burden is lessened because of a robust and productive submissions period, we read so many stories in such a short time, that by the time an issue is being prepped six months down the road we have to refresh ourselves on what exactly we are publishing. The upside is that we fall in love with the stories all over again. We are truly blessed to have so many great submissions from so many talented writers, and this issue is packed full of them, including one returning author, and the rest of whom are gracing our pages for the first time, though you’ve likely seen some of their names in the other indie fiction magazines being published.

First up is Eddie Generous with his tale of a “Sunday Speed Trap,” the ensuing police chase, and maybe some ritual sacrifice to ancient Old Ones. E.F. Sweetman says “Hello from Garbage Island,” with her tale of ecological horror on the high seas. In Joanna Maciejewska’s “Yet Another Vessel” we encounter terrifying en-chanted artifacts and the kinds of psychopathic individuals who seek them out. In “Armageddon and the Way Out West,” Brian McNett introduces us to Doctor Thaddeus Armageddon and his helmsman Delrick Borograve and their exploits in the Wild West aboard the skyskip Devastation. We’re always game for a tale of artificial intelligence, mecha, and romance, which is exactly what Paul Alex Gray delivers in “Battle Borne Dreams Never Die.” Julie Rea takes us to the flooded future of 2202, where scavengers “Lela and Bat” comb through the remains of Philadelphia. Joshua Grasso’s “Barbarians in the Boudoir” sees the magician Hildigrim, previously imprisoned for black magic, paroled but only so he can help the Archduke avert a war with barbarians from a far distant land. Paul Starkey’s “Below Noon” is a tale of existential horror in the Wild West as a man comes to grips with the reality of Hell. Finally, we end with returning author Patrick S. Baker and the further adventures of the warrior hero Kauahoa as he takes on “The Cannibals in the Mist.”

If you’ve got fiction that you think shouts out for publication, don’t rest just yet. Get to polishing until they shine like the nine fine tales showcased in this issue. If you have ideas but not the words, then get to writing. No page writes itself (at least not competently—yet). If you just need a kick in the pants that a deadline will give you, then here you go: We open back up for submissions in October 2019. Don’t send us anything yet, but get ready because time flies when you’re having as much fun as we are putting out this fine bit of pulp fiction with modern sensibilities.

If this isn’t your first time with us, thanks for sticking around. It means the world to us. If it is, then we’ve got a back catalog of fiction we know you’ll love, so head back through the previous nine issues and catch up!

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