With a Bang: Issue 12 Release

Cover Image of Issue 12

Issue 12 will be the final issue of Broadswords and Blasters for the foreseeable future. Both editors are old enough to know that never is a really long time, so we aren’t permanently closing the door on it ever coming back, but we both acknowledged earlier this year that we were starting to get burnt out on the endeavor. We wanted to end while it was still fun and entertaining instead of trying to drive it down into dust. When will we be back? We can say with all honesty: We don’t know.

That said, we decided to go out in style with a tremendous double issue to celebrate three years of awesome New Pulp fiction. Because why go out with a whimper when you can go out with a bang?

J. Rohr returns to Broadswords and Blasters (he was last seen in issue 5) with “Riding the Rails,” a kick-ass Weird Western of dragons, veteran gunslingers, and redemption.

Veteran BS&B alum Richard Rubin (issues 4 and 7) brings us another two-fisted “Captain Saturn” story, this time going up against the Air Bandit of Mars, and DJ Tyrer’s Nyssa of Abanos is also back (having first appeared in issue 8) this time in “Journey to Mount Argaeas”. Tryer previously also had a story way back in Issue 4 with “The Sewers of Paris.”

Kristen Reid is new to us, but come with a great Civil War era horror story in “American Appetites,” while Jonathan Mast steers us into weird sci-fi with “Callahan and the Bomb Squid.”

No Broadswords issue would be complete without a few Westerns, and S. Gepp brings that with “No Stand.”

Ben Serna-Grey is no stranger to these pages (see issue 7), but “Smoke and Hamsters” is definitely the weirdest story we’ve had the pleasure to publish.

Keith Kennedy flips the magazine over to the dark side with the deliciously dark noir piece “The Drive Home” while E.G. Thompson follows a couple of soldiers in dragon ravaged post-apocalypse with “The DSD.”

“Crowbait” by T.L. Simpson takes a good hard look at the price of vengeance and where swallowing grief and moving on may be the best course of action.

It’s not often we’re sold on a story from the title, but “Shootout at Namaste Mart” nearly did that for one editor… and the story kept getting better from there.

“Spaceman and the Freakshow” by Roger H. Stone deals with a smartass thirteen year old girl, the autistic boy next door, and the friendship they forge.

Steve DuBois went ahead and sent us his weirdest story yet in “The Professionals” which is all about “magically-enhanced urban professionals escorting a Kennedy baby to the ruins of Dallas for inauguration as God-Emperor.”[1]

Our cover story is “Aces and Rogues” by Anthony Picket, a two-fisted space action tale complete with dog fights, hard choices, and moral dilemmas.

“Don’t Let the Law Hit Ya Where the Good Lord Split Ya” spilled off the keyboard of Russel W. Johnson and into our laps and left us with a big ol’ grin on our faces.

Kristen Brand’s “Starstruck” is a sci-fi tale of solar guardsmen, celebrity, mixed loyalties and duty.

“A Lone Man is No Warrior” by Scott Forbes Crawford’s traces the tale of a man out of place, finding purpose again when a mob boss attempts to murder a local woman.

Finally, we end the issue with Matt Spencer’s occult tale “The Radiant Abyss.” Spencer has been with us since day one, and we felt it apt to end much like we began.

As always, Luke Spooner of Carrion House created the gorgeous artwork for the cover.

As a final word, thank you. Thank you to the writers, the readers, the reviewers, to Luke for the covers, and to our friends and families for your support as we undertook this endeavor. We couldn’t have done this without you.

You can grab issue 12 at amazon in either digital or print.

[1] His words, not ours.

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4 Responses to With a Bang: Issue 12 Release

  1. Jeff says:

    Oh man, this news :/

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  2. Sad to see the publication suspended, but totally understand the reasons.

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