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Pulp Appeal: I Love a Mystery

Editors’ Note: J. Rohr is a Chicago native with a taste for history.  He writes the blog, and has the band Beerfinger (available on iTunes) in order to deal with the more corrosive aspects of everyday life.  His Twitter babble … Continue reading

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Pulp Consumption: The Mummy (1999)

One of the things we talk about quite a bit at Broadswords and Blasters is the concept of the mash-up. Taking two disparate genres and mixing them together until you get something that isn’t one hundred percent one or the … Continue reading

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Awards Eligiblity Post 2018

Because all the cool kids are doing it, here’s the list of work Broadswords and Blasters published in 2018. This doesn’t include the blog posts, twitter rants, or other nonsense we may have engaged in. We would love to hear … Continue reading

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Pulp Consumption: SOLO: A Star Wars Story

Pulp Consumption: Solo: A Star Wars Story. No, I’m not trying to claim that STAR WARS is pulp with this article, as its general themes of a grand evil to be overcome, a plucky band of adventures, and a complete … Continue reading

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Pulp Appeal: Die Hard

Okay, let’s get the big piece out of the way. DIE HARD is a Christmas movie. Beyond the obvious (the action takes place during a holiday party), there is a sense of reconnecting with family, of finding happiness in little … Continue reading

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Pulp Appeal: Highlander

There can be only one! Well, that might have been true back in 1986, but Highlander, the movie featuring Christopher Lambert as the immortal Scotsman Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) spawned two other feature films, two separate live action television shows, … Continue reading

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Pulp Appeal: The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

THE BALLAD OF BUSTER SCRUGGS is the latest release by the Coen Brothers and just so happens to be part of Netflix’s original catalog. The amount of talent represented is noteworthy. The writing is excellent. But, at the end of … Continue reading

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