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Issue 5 of Broadswords and Blasters Available Now!

That’s right, year two of the indie magazine officially started last week with the release of issue 5. And, while we love all of our little mutant babies, we feel especially proud of this issue. So what will you find … Continue reading

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Pulp Appeal: WILLOW

Dark Magic. Sword fights. Magical transformations. Prophecy. An evil queen and a good sorceress. A small magician whose one good trick is making a pig disappear. And brownies! (No, not those kind… but given how they act in the film…) … Continue reading

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Pulp Consumption: Gentleman Bastards Series

The Lies of Locke Lamora Red Seas Under Red Skies The Republic of Thieves What happens you decide to write about a couple of con men in a fantasy setting? In a world where magic exists, what can two “mere” … Continue reading

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Pulp Consumption: Kings of the Wyld

What if there was a world where adventurers were treated like rock stars? Where bands of mercenaries had the kind of celebrity that our world gave groups like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, or the Beatles? And what happens when one … Continue reading

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Issue 4 Is Officially Released

Issue 4 came out in print last week, but the Kindle release goes live today, which means we’re officially live. We love these stories (as we loved all the stories in the first three issues), but this issue is momentous … Continue reading

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Pulp Consumption: Swords Against Darkness

I originally became aware of the most recent SWORDS AGAINST DARKNESS anthology from browsing Black Gate[1]. Unlike the same-named anthologies put out in the late seventies edited by Andrew Offutt, this anthology isn’t concerned exclusively with what’s current in sword … Continue reading

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Pulp Consumption: Lovecraft Country

In theory, Lovecraft Country by Matt Ruff should be everything I want to read in modern horror – inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, but rejecting his outright racism. Maybe it would have, if I’d stopped reading after the first section. Instead, … Continue reading

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