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Issue 12 Cover Reveal

Early on we were so excited about the cover art we had blog posts that were just cover reveals. We never lost the enthusiasm for the cover art, but somewhere along the way we just forgot to highlight it on … Continue reading

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Pulp Appeal: The Green Hornet

“The Green Hornet – He hunts the biggest of all game, the public officials that even the G-men cannot reach!” Thus starts the half-hour-long radio serial about a millionaire playboy with a crime-and-corruption fighting secret identity, The Green Hornet. The … Continue reading

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Pulp Appeal: Indiana Jones

The Indiana Jones series is what happens when two powerhouses of the ‘70s and ‘80s decide to craft a love letter to the adventure serials of the 1930s and ‘40s. Indiana Jones is an adventurer first and an academic second, … Continue reading

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Pulp Appeal: The Shadow

“Hahahahahahaha. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Ahahahahaha. The Shadow knows.” This is how the radio play always starts before the narrator introduces the episode. “The Shadow,” the narrator says, is “a man of mystery who … Continue reading

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What, Another Magazine?

    The goal of BROADSWORDS AND BLASTERS is to highlight those genres that the editors enjoy reading and we hope our readers enjoy too. Whether its tales of adventurers stealing gems from ancient temples, Westerns where a six-gun is … Continue reading

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